5 things for Spring

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for today, the first day of spring. The snow from the last storm has just melted away, daffodil and tulip leaves are popping up and the robins are chirping away.  I’m daydreaming of spring activities so here’s a list of a few items that I can’t wait to use.


1. These citrus plates from Williams Sonoma would be great for hosting a sunny spring brunch.

2. Celebrate the start of spring with a Gin Daisy cocktail made with Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s grenadine.

3. Quitokeeto’s Pallarès Solson Navaja blanca folding knife is perfect for a spring picnic.

4. Pickling might be a more summer activity but I can’t wait to practice this spring with this fermentation crock from Provisions by Food 52.

5. These baby blue turkish hand towels at Salt and Sundry would brighten up my table as a runner or make a great hostess gift.

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