A Bright Monday

A Bright MondayIt’s a bright Monday. March certainly has come in like a lion with snow, rain, and blustery wind. I’m living the blooming crocus and other bulbs popping up. We had a great weekend visiting family outside on Philly. We certainly ate our way through the weekend. Including Jules Thin Crust pizza which is truly the only pizza I’ve eaten since going gluten free.  I love it!  By luck we are there on Pi day! What fun. Here’s a photo of my half of the pizza. Yum. Meyer even tried a sample of a new Chicken Tikka Masala pizza. He thought it was great so I can’t wait to order one of those GF in the future.

Jules Thin Crust #gf #pizza

We found our way through pa potholes and were lucky that we didn’t loose a tire. This winter certainly has been hard on the roads. The fog was tricky too since the rain was melting all the snow. It also made for some spooky night driving on little back roads.

We also found our way to a lovely indoor Farm Market in Stockton NJ. Oh the mushrooms, BBQ stand, Fishmonger! Oh I wish I took pictures of the mushrooms. They were lovely. They even had king trumpet mushrooms! We also heard about a Farmer’s Market in Easton, Pa with a knife sharpener! It’s the simple things that I so appreciate. Since we’re into cooking a good knife sharpener is a must in the contact list.  We’ll certainly take a trip up there some time in the future. I’m loving the development of all these markets across the country. They tell so much about the area you’re visiting with lots of mom and pop specialty goods and delicious food where ever you go. I love picking up treasures along our travels.  I’ll certainly enjoy some Eat This jams from this road trip.We also met up with some old friends for dinner at a great pub where we enjoyed some live piano music.

I’m loving mud puddles and bright sun on this Monday morning. I hope you enjoy yours too.

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