AltSummit rehash

I’m still recovering from my first AltSummit but I wanted to share a few thoughts and photos.  It was such a wonderful and thought provoking trip. Being a newbie in the blogging world, I was certainly nervous about meeting others. And I have to admit comparing myself to others.  Would I measure up?  What I found were insightful sessions, kind intelligent women, and lots of fun.  AltSummit made me excited about blogging.  I know I have a valid voice and I am bubbling with excitement to share my thoughts, passions, and hobbies with everyone.


AltSummit also gave me was the confidence to sign up for other conferences this spring including Blogher Food14 and Gluten Free Living.  I certainly don’t know everything so learning from others who have forged ahead is a great opportunity.  And maybe, just maybe my way of thinking can help them as well.

 I have lots of ideas for Violet Meyer–some which I’ll put in place asap and are developing into a strategic plan for the coming months. oh, and I’ll step up my photos I promise.

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