America’s Test Kitchen-The how can it be Gluten Free cookbook


(photo via Cook’s Illustrated)

Meyer purchased The how can it be Gluten Free Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen for me last week.  We were very excited after just looking through the recipes. It consists of 180 recipes from family standards of meatloaf and shepherds pie, several asian dishes, clever sides, and several desserts.  I am very curious about their own blend of flour that they suggest mixing up.  They believe their blend is better than several store bought flour mixes and in the Cooks Illustrated way have compared these flours in many of their recipes.  I’ll report back on my opinion once I make a few of their breads. I’m just excited to have a cookbook from a large cooking source that focuses on gluten free.  It recognizes the need for mainstream cookbooks on GF. It is also a familiar brand for the many people out there with relatives living gluten free to turn to for recipes.

To start reviewing the recipes listed in The how can it be Gluten Free cookbook,  I baked up their skillet cornbread recipe to go with some chili this past weekend.  I love when I can bake a recipe that doesn’t need a gluten free substitution.  This one is a pure cornmeal cornbread that develops it’s flavor through butter, milk, and sour cream.  Of course, it isn’t low-fat but it is delicious.

skillet-CornbreadAs you can see it was a real hit, with only three pieces left from the 9 inch skillet.   I’ll write more reviews of it’s recipes as I go through the cookbook in the coming months.  However, just from reading it cover to cover and thinking about the recipes I want to make, I say go buy a copy now!



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