April Fools

April Fools #stopfoolingyourself #jerfHappy April Fools! I’ve been racking my brain about what to write for a post on April 1st.  I’m just not big on pranks. Also misguided food just doesn’t really seem that exciting to me. I’m really wary of carrot cake meatloaf or pasta and sauce out of icing and strawberry jam. Do these really sound good? Would I really want to eat them?  What do you think? Instead April Fools led me to think about how so much of gluten free food is already about fooling the diner. We’re pretending or replicating wheat based meals with other ingredients.  Yes, this is for a medical reason but sometimes I wonder if I’m just better off  waiving good bye to pasta, bread, and cakes.  There’s a whole world of food out there that’s natural and delicious so why get hung up on those few things that I can’t eat?

It’s also the temptation of Gluten Free for Passover food for me. Bakery cakes, jelly rolls, cookies, it’s all there available like before going gluten free. And yet there’s a subtle taste difference. Some may not notice it but my lucky taste buds are pronounced enough to find those nuances of potato starch and tapioca.  So though these cakes might look like the exciting store bought bakery goods of my past they just don’t match up to my memories.  I’m not saying that they aren’t delicious in their own way but for me it’s not the same.  I’m just happier enjoying all the rest of the food available to me.  So here’s to not fooling yourself with food anymore! Just eat real food.

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