April Showers

April Showers #flowers #MondayApril Showers bring May flowers or in this case April flowers.  I love these Hellebores. It seems fitting that they are blooming as they are sometimes called ‘Lenten Flowers.’  What I didn’t know was they are a part of the Ranunculaceae family-I adore another of this family: renunculus! They are all woodland flowers which makes sense as I love those natural flowers that sprout up in the woods against the still barren trees in spring.

I’m going to have to be a bit more patient with the weather this spring.  Crocus and Hellebores blooming for Easter are just one of many signs that spring is on it’s way. Contrails and blue skies are tempting me to dream about weekends spent on the porch. The trees are just starting to look dipped with pink. Their buds are just beginning to sprout I’m sure in two weeks we’ll be knee deep in pollen. I’m going to try hard to appreciate those rainy spring days that keep life a bit lazy. Bright sun makes me want to be outside and on the go. So I need to learn to love all kinds of weather and how those dreary days are the perfect days for getting projects done around the house. This spring is going to be about finding a balance between demands and needs for me and my family. So here’s to managing stress, balancing life, and taking time to smell those spring flowers.


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