Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsBanana bread is not something I normally jump up to make. I don’t even really like bananas. However, whenever I have too brown bananas sitting on my country from making smoothies a bit too infrequently I pop those bananas into the freezer. There they sit awaiting to be used for making banana bread. I usually make banana bread with Cup4Cup. I long ago made one with some oats which was delicious but since I’ve been staying away from most grains for almost a year that isn’t really an option. 

Since reducing my consumption of grains, I’ve been playing around with several paleo and grain free baking recipes.  Some have come out outstandingly well while other let’s say crumble as soon as they are pulled out of the oven. In my opinion the most successful of these grain free recipes are ones that combine both almond flour and coconut flour. The combination of the two helps to replicate a grain based recipe but do remember that coconut flour needs a lot more liquids in relation to it or the resulting baked goods will come out very dry!

 One recipe that I’ve been very successful with is the Against All Grain‘s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. I have to be honest though, I rarely make the streusel topping. The muffins are delicious on their own and I’m usually not interested in making another step. I find this AGA recipe wonderful as the high ratio of eggs and milk to the flour leaves the muffins very moist and packed full of protein.  I usually add the rest of the chocolate chips from the streusel topping into the batter as really chocolate chips makes everything better. They are sweetened with honey and use coconut oil so I really don’t find them to be a caloric heavy treat that I can’t have on a week day morning. I love serving them for brunch with some fruit and yogurt. So next time you’re craving banana bread try out this recipe you won’t be disappointed! 

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