Best Texas Sheet Cake

Best Texas Sheet Cake #gf #bonappetit #recipe #chocolateWhy do I say this is the Best Texas Sheet Cake? Because it is.  Because you don’t complain when you mate tells you “to never make another cake for him except this one”.  That’s quite the compliment. Now I have to come clean, I didn’t create this recipe. It’s from Bon Appetit. I remember fining this recipe somewhere maybe on Facebook and needing to immediately pin it to Pinterest.

Do you pin recipes? I do like a crazy woman.  I’m sure I’ll never use them all but I love the idea of a digital recipe scrap book.  Hell, years ago I used to cut out recipes from magazines and paste them into pages in a binder-old school style.  Now there’s Pinterest. It’s my saving grace for remembering those one off recipes from magazines or emails.  Categorizing recipes means that I have a better chance to find them than if I dumped them all in one big board.  I’ll look through the Cookies, Cakes, Pies, and Sweet Treats board to find the next delicious thing to bake.

That’s what happened with this Salted Texas Sheet Cake. I pinned it a while back knowing that I had to get around to making it.  Well, this week I had the opportunity to bake it up.  For some reason this cake has been on my mind. Maybe it’s the toasted pistachios on top or maybe because it’s a chocolate cake but when I realized I didn’t have any ricotta cheese or yogurt in the house for other recipes, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to make this cake.  I’m not sure why it’s called a Texas sheet cake. Some people say it’s because it’s made on a sheet pan the size of Texas.  What’s fascinating is that it’s a name for a chocolate sheet pan cake most usually made with buttermilk. The things you can learn from the Library of Congress!  Sheathing the cake in warm thin icing seems a tradition as well. Now that I know it should be made in a sheet pan, instead of a 9x 13 deep dish pan, I think I’ll have to test the recipe again. Yum.

This recipe gilds the lily of chocolate cake with chocolate icing with toasted pistachios (not traditional pecans).  However, I think the light flavor of pistachios is perfect with this cake.  But what really makes the cake is the sprinkling of sea salt on top.  Oh my that sea salt brings this cake up to unbelievable good in my opinion.  I wish I had a piece to spare for you to try but sadly for you we ate it all in just two days!

So don’t hesitate click over to Bon Appetit for their Salted Texas Sheet Cake to enjoy one of the best and simplest cakes I’ve made in a while.

P.S. Of course I made a gluten free version of the cake. I just substituted out the flour for Cup4Cup.  As usual it was a easy switch and no one could tell that it was gluten free! It was so moist and delicious.

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