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Brunch Places #DC #irongate #brabo #logantavernBrunch can be such a fun meal. I love that it’s flexible with breakfast items and lunch foods.  It’s a great option for a daytime party.  Finger foods, things that are room temperature, and cold salads work well. Champagne and light drinks easily round out the fare.  What’s also nice is that brunch doesn’t have to be a fancy event. It can be a laid back affair with a buffet set out for everyone to create their own meal. And while it’s always fun to host a brunch it’s even more fun to just be a participant for brunch at a restaurant.  That way everyone can find something off the menu that’s to their liking.

I’m planning this year’s Mother’s Day brunch at the moment for our family.  There’s going to be over ten of us celebrating together.  At least for me that’s a big group! We’re traveling to be with family for the weekend so hosting this brunch at our house isn’t an option.  So I’ve been scouring websites looking for restaurants that have large enough menus that will accommodate gluten free, vegetarians, picky eaters, kids, and adults alike. It’s a tall task but I think I’ve figured out a good option. I can’t wait to give you the review of the place and several other dinners after we return.

Around DC here’s a few brunch places that I’d love to try. This spring weather inspires me to find places that have outdoor seating so you can really enjoy brunch al fresco!

  • Kafe Leopold everyone swears by this little restaurant on Caddy’s Alley in Georgetown.
  • Logan Tavern has quite the crowd for weekend brunch outdoors.
  • Brabo in Old Town Alexandria would be the perfect place to take mom for brunch.
  • I’m dying to try the Iron Gate brunch would be the perfect opportunity!

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