Busy Weekend Rehash

Busy Weekend #eatingevolved #AlexandriaVa #ChristmasIt’s been a busy weekend.  With Christmas quickly approaching I’ve been trying to get a plan for this holiday.  Somehow I really have been behind on all of it. We’re hosting this year so I need to have several days of meals planned out. My thoughts on lists and recipes for the holidays are for another day.  I’m also finishing up Christmas present shopping and getting everything wrapped. I can’t let Meyer see what I’ve gotten him!  This weekend, I’ve also been volunteering a bit in Alexandria, Va. That’s caused a time crunch of what needs to get done and how many hours I have to make it all happen.  I’m certainly had to focus my priorities.  I’ve also counted on Meyer to get lots done on his own.  Lucky for me he’s been an awesome help.

Walking around Alexandria, Va I was admiring all the decorations.  These included the decor of many of the houses around the town.  I love these gilt pine cone wreaths on the louvered doors.  The town Christmas tree was prettily decorated with twinkle lights.

One fun activity I attended this weekend was the Alexandria Candlelight Tours. This self lead tour takes you through three historic buildings in downtown Alexandria: Carlyle House, Gadsbys Tavern, and Lee-Fendall House. Not only did I travel back in time to learn about Historic Alexandria during the French and Indian War, an Early 19th century tavern, and a Victorian house at Christmas time but I learned about Chocolate during these eras.  Now I didn’t partake of any of the yummy chocolate served at the historic sites due to my gluten free restrictions but I did enjoy the smells and sights. Yummy!  The American Heritage division of the Mars Corporation sponsored demonstrations of how chocolate was produced in Colonial America. It was very cool to see such a demo and to understand more about the heritage of chocolate throughout the historic United States.

On another chocolate centric note: I received my order of Eating Evolved primal chocolate. I can honestly say even after just trying one coconut butter cup-it’s delicious! I can’t wait to try all their coconut cups and their chocolate bars. Some might even find their way into our Christmas stockings. Hint hint Santa.

On that note, I think I’ll head to the pantry and grab another coconut cup. Maybe I’ll try the salted caramel ones tonight. There’s also a well deserved cup of mint tea and a lit fireplace in my future. Happy Monday.

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