All is calm all is bright…

All is Calm“Fragile, it must be Italian.” (from A Christmas Story) I’m sure you too have some beloved by some and also unsightly holiday decorations. Traditions vary from family to family. While others are created along the way of your own relationships. But I think that’s one of the things that makes Christmas a great holiday-the many varying traditions of different families coming to celebrate together. One tradition that’s newer to me that I love is buying a new ornament for each other to commemorate an event each year. It’s fun to see what the other chose as a significant event.

Meyer and I are settling in to spend Christmas with our family. We’ve set our menu, finished our grocery shopping, and straightened the house. I’ve started baking cookies, made a to do list that go on for pages, finished all the wrapping, and hung our stockings in front of our fire. We’re not out to over do it this year. Sure, a bûche de noël might be overkill but it’s mostly simple food for a relaxing family holiday.  We’ve not planned much over the next few days either. I’m not sure that’s because it’s my subconscious demanding a break or the fact that holidays seem to create causal activities at home more than more orchestrated events. I’m looking forward to baking cookies, constructing a few casseroles, and just maybe curling up with a good book.

2014 has been a very busy year for us. It’s been a year filled with travel and spending lots of time with our family. I’m hoping that 2015 will keep us a bit more firmly rooted at home. However, if some trips to wiggle into our calendar I wish that a few of those jaunts can let us visit some dear friends we’ve missed this year.  I get a bit bogged down by the day to day things of life but when sitting back on my couch with a glass filled with wine, pups and kitties tucked in next to me, and the fire roaring I can certainly say that it’s a great year and I’ve shared it with a great partner.

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