Canyon Suites, Phoenician


Visiting family is pretty sweet when it includes traveling to 70 degree weather in January.  Meyer and I lucked into staying at the Canyon Suites at the Phoenician for a few nights this week in Scottsdale, Az.

The Canyon Suites are a sixty room boutique hotel within The Phoenician Resort. We found the service exceptional.   An ambassador meets guests at the reception area to assist with any requests.  Ours made the weekend go very smoothly. One example of this great service and certainly a personal twist was being handed a list of local gluten free friendly restaurants. This was such an easy yet helpful tip for this gluten free gal.  It added to the options than my research found and making dining out all weekend very easy with our family.

Meyer and I were also very impressed by the facilities at The Canyon Suites.  Our room was nicely appointed with a large bathroom.  It also over looked the Suites’ pool complex.  Although there are 60 rooms we barely saw any other guests.  The pool itself was never crowed.  Our nephew was the only one swimming the whole afternoon one day!  Meyer and I will keep the resort on our short list for the next trip when we want to soak up the January Arizona weather.

Canyon Pool

My perch for Sunday was a lounge chair near the Canyon pool where I could lay back at gaze at Camelback Mountain all afternoon.

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