Chicken & dumplings

One particularly cold night this November, I tried my hand at making chicken and dumplings.


I had clipped an intriguing recipe in the February 2012 edition of Bon Appétit magazine by Chef Mike Lata of Fig Restaurant in Charleston, SC-sometimes being a magazine junkie is a good thing.  It was a rift on the classic chicken and dumplings, however these dumplings were ricotta gnocchi! yum.  Let me tell you they were as delicious as they sound. And for a GF girl, dumplings containing just a little flour are MUCH easier to replicate.  My never fail substitution for wheat flour is Cup 4 Cup.  It’s just as the name says cup 4 cup in substitution and when making dinner for gluten guests no one will ever be the wiser. In this recipe as such a small amount of flour is called for it really is a simple swap.  I recommend you try it for yourselves but just remember good food takes time and as I learned this recipe is not a weeknight adventure!

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