Coconut chips

Dang Coconut ChipsGluten free food deserts are my worst enemy.  As is common when traveling, once in a while you’ll get stuck in a place without many or any gluten free food options.  Riding a regional rail line midday to out side of Philadelphia without lunch was probably not once of my best decisions.  But hey what’s a gluten free girl going to do when the options are Wendy’s and a sandwich shop?  Recently, I haven’t been loving salads so that makes traveling even harder. I’m patiently waiting to see when the major food chains come out with gluten free options.  I mean you can’t always eat a salad for lunch! So in light of my missteps and waiting out popular culture,  I’ve been trying to come up with portable shelf stable snacks that can get me through these food desert situations.  One delicious option I’ve found is Dang Toasted Coconut Chips. They come in a range of flavors including lightly salted, with cane sugar and salt, and caramel sea salt. I love the simply lightly salted chips.  I think the sweetness of the coconut gives it enough of a sweet treat.

A few handfuls of these chips satisfy my noshing and keep me going. Coconut meat is a great source of fiber so they really do fill you up (and for those gf friends fiber is always a good thing!) Snacks that are naturally gluten free and non-GMO are a preference for me as well.  The simpler the food the better in my opinion. I’m also in love with coconut water and coconut oil. So you can certainly say I’ve fallen on the coconut band wagon.  Some day research may say so much coconut isn’t a good thing but for right now I’m going to enjoy this sweet natural treat in as many forms as I can.

I’m already thinking about the many ways to use these toasted coconut chips.  Granola, topping for yogurt, a streusel for muffins, and a crunchy topping on a squash casserole are just a few ways I’ll use them in the future. Happy snacking!

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