Dallas Gluten Free Restaurant List


Last weekend, we made a quick trip to the greater Dallas area to visit Meyer’s sister.  As they just moved there, this was a new city for us to visit. We were certainly excited to go to DFW but I was definitely apprehensive about finding gluten free meals in a new town.  I was certainly surprised when I started searching the web and found an abundant supply of restaurants with gluten free menus or reviews of gluten free friendly places. I’ve compiled a Dallas Gluten Free Restaurant List of a few places that I found intriguing and some that I found delicious.

 The Gluten Intolerance Group of Dallas has a very comprehensive website.  Their restaurant list goes on and on.  This was a great place to browse as they note downtown, near suburbs, and farther out suburban restaurants.

On the DFW GIG’s recommendation, we ate a casual meal at BJs Brewhouse.  Although I’ve read a few mentions about BJs it wasn’t somewhere I’d ever tried before.  I was very pleased with the gluten free menu and am tempted to try their gluten free pizza the next time we come across one of their restaurants even somewhere else in the country.

Culture Map Dallas has a great list of tasty restaurants to get your gluten free fix. Several bakeries, an Asian fusion restaurant, and even a vegan diner. We’ll definitely explore some of these on a future trip!

The Dallas Observer notes on their blog Five of Dallas’ best places to eat  gluten free.  Several overlap with the Culture Map list but that just confirms their gluten free friendly status in my mind.

HG SPLY Co. focuses on a “back to basics” paleo menu.  Don’t think this is a place with rabbit food, with dishes like a duck confit sweet potato hash bowl or grilled venison fajitas their menu sounds fantastic. Yum. I can’t wait dine here during our next trip to Dallas!

My Fit Foods was a really interesting discovery.  It’s a healthy prepared food store.  Over 90% of their prepared foods are gluten free.  I could see stopping by to pickup a few lunches during a future trip.  If I lived in Dallas, I’d certainly keep them in mind to keep fresh healthy pre-made meals stocked in our fridge!

Pappasito’s was a delight of a Tex-Mex restaurant.  I’ve heard great things about the Pappas Bros. restaurants for years.  I had a friend in college who opined over the whole restaurant group. What I didn’t expect was their firm policies on food allergies.  Our server was very helpful but explained that I manager had to come to the table to review the menu and check my gluten free order. I LOVE that! I wish more restaurants had such policies.  Needless to say this put me at ease for the entire meal.  My meal was delicious as well. I’m going to write up the restaurant as it’s own post or I’d say more about my meal.  We will certainly return to Pappasito’s and probably stop by all the Pappas Bros. restaurants on our next trip to Dallas.

Other restaurants that I found searching the web that either have gluten free menus or read positive gluten free reviews include: True Fire, Fireside Pies, Rio Mambo, and Twelve Stones. Most of these are all in the west suburbs of Dallas. I did tailor my searches to where we were visiting but I was impressed with the breadth of gluten options in the suburbs.

Le Peep is a perfect spot for breakfast.  There are several in the Dallas area but we stopped by the Flower Mound, Tx location.  They had gluten free toast and a gluten sensitive menu. To be honest, I didn’t try the toast so I don’t know if they have a dedicated toaster.  The omelet I created was delicious.  Le Peep was a definite crowd pleaser.

I was impressed with the gluten free options of Dallas.  We’ll be back not only to visit family but to check out many more restaurants knowing that the Dallas scene has lots of options for this celiac!

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