Dallas: Green House Market

Green-House-MarketLast weekend Meyer and I took a long weekend to visit family in Dallas.  This was our second trip to Dallas this year and I have to say I love it more each time I visit.  Not only are the people oh so friendly but the food scene is phenomenal.  We’ve been blown away by some delicious over the top meals but I’m also impressed by the more accessible food scene.  As I’m known to do, I dutifully researched places that are gluten free friendly for our visit to Dallas. Tip of the Day: sometimes shopping malls can be handy for finding GF food as they usually have a range of restaurants attached to them. We’ve found the NorthPark Center to be a nice place to visit not only for the shops but also for dining.  They have a Neiman Marcus who’s cafe always notes the GF offerings on their menu (I’ve been known to go there for lunch when in a new place and having trouble finding GF friendly restaurants).  We also stumbled upon a restaurant called Green House Market at the NorthPark Center.

I love farm to table and locally sourced foods. Ya, they are the hip new words but they are words I believe in. The less distance there is from the fields to my mouth the better.  They’re fresher and usually use less if no preservation methods.  It’s also great to support local food producers. I’d love putting my money back into the local community. I’m hoping more health conscious, tasty, locally focused restaurants pop up all over the country.

GHM-insideI’d call Green House Market a casual dining place as instead of a sit down menu you order your food from a prepared foods case. But it’s no fast food.  Green House Market is serving up deliciously healthy food in a quick service environment.  I’ve included the menu below as I love the long list of salads and the ability to add protein to you meal with several different options.  Almost all the salads are gluten free.  The whole menu is marked with their gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan.  I love not having to ask lots of questions about a menu! I still did double check my meal when placing my order.  I think there’s something for everyone on the menu including:  grilled cheese, PB&J, a burger, and freshly made salads.

GHM-MenuGHM-lunchI ordered the string bean salad with mozzarella cheese, the broccoli slaw with sunflower seeds, and the grilled shrimp.  Everything was delicious.  The staff was very helpful and the man taking my order did double check everything to make sure it was gluten free. There is a disclaimer on the that it is not a gluten free establishment which I appreciate. 
GHM-SeatingT he overall vibe of Green House Market is hip, modern, and fresh. You’ll find delicious healthy food made quickly in a fun environment. It’s as they say “a place you want to eat…everyday.” I can’t wait to stop by again on our next adventure to Dallas!

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