Dallas: HG Sply Co

HG Sply Co

I have to tell you about an amazing restaurant we went to for lunch while in Dallas. It’s called HG Sply Co. The restaurant is based on the principles of a ‘back to basics paleo diet.’ They’re all about simple clean food. They focus on local purveyors, natural farming techniques, and wildlife.  Ya, that definitely fits with my food beliefs.  I stumbled HG Sply Co when researching dining gluten free in Dallas. I loved that their online menu explained that all items may be prepared gluten and dairy free.  Not only is a menu like that a dream to me, their food sounded delicious and made me hungry.  I immediately knew that this restaurant was a place I just had to visit.

HG Sply Co. is located on Greenville Ave not too far north of downtown.  The area is an oasis of funky local restaurants and shops. It’s an edgy block with an industrial feeling.  HG Sply Co. is very unassuming from the outside.  Just a simple wooden facade. Meyer and a friend we brought were very skeptical at first of the place.  I got excited as soon as we walked in.  The vibe is industrial funky. The focal point is the white subway tiled bar. Let me tell you, they know how to make delicious drinks!  They infuse several types of alcohol.  This made for some amazing cocktails including an old fashioned infused with cinnamon and blended with chocolate and orange.  HGsply-interiorThe menu made my mouth water as well. I wanted one of everything.  As I mentioned, everything was able to be made gluten free. Our waiter didn’t even blink when I explained my gluten free needs. It seemed a normal request. We decided to go with some of the suggested meals instead making our own ‘bowls’ from lists of different components.  I chose the burger stack which included a ‘Texas grass-fed & wagyu blend ground beef, Texas bibb lettuce & tomato, sweet potato hash, avocado & a Vital Farms egg.’ YUM. I polished off this whole bowl. I’m certainly going to recreate it at home someday soon.  HG Sply Co: Burger StackMeyer chose the Texas Steak bowl with kaushi sirloin, jalapeno-red flannel hash, sunny side up Vital Farms egg, grilled TX tomato & fresh avocado with lemon, olive oil & chives. Although a bit on the spicy side, Meyer polished off his bowl as well. 
HG Sply Co: Tx Steak Bowl When the waiter tells you the two desserts they are serving are both gluten free, how do you resist? A flourless chocolate cake and a paleo chocolate chip cookie.  Both were unbelievably tasty. I think the chocolate cake had some pumpkin in it but I really can’t say for certain. Both were served with dairy free almond ice cream. No complaints were made at the table. There were a lot of ohhh and mmmms while we licked the bowls.  HG Sply Co: dessertI love this chalk board wall that HG Sply Co. uses to promote their local purveyors.  What a great way to showcase the ever changing vendors and available products.
HG Sply Co: WallWhen I first found HG Sply Co. I couldn’t believe that there was a ‘paleo’ restaurant in Dallas. When I think of Texas I think of BBQ, big food, and not anything healthy.  That being said, I love the food scene in Dallas. There’s so many different facets to it. There’s local ingredient awareness, a focus on elevating unique to Texas food to a new level, allergy awareness, certainly health consciousness, and an over all focus on delicious food. Don’t get me wrong you can still go find a Texas BBQ shack, lots of things deep fried, or a chain restaurant but I’m amazed at the diversity available.  I’m actually pretty jealous that of it. I’ll certainly revisit HG Sply Co. It’s on my list of places to try for dinner. And I know to keep it in my back pocket as a healthy and safe gluten free place to find delicious food in the heart of Texas.

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