Date Recipe Roundup

Date Recipe Roundup #dates #naturalsugar #sweets #recipes #roundup


Dates are a delicious treat serving up quite the punch of natural sugar. I’ll sneak a few while scrounging for ingredients in our pantry in the late afternoon as a treat. When I was little, there were only two ways that I ate dates in my mother’s fruit cake (which I still love!) or in date and nut loaf.  The loaf came in can like cranberry sauce. It was a rare treat that my father would try to polish off before the rest of the family could even have a taste.  Our favorite way to eat it was in slices sandwiched together with tart cream cheese.  My mouth purses thinking about the tartness of the cream cheese with the overly sweet date bread. Once in a while I even was allowed to take it for lunch to school. I loved that stuff.  However, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t remotely healthy.  Now I’m enjoying dates more often in healthier ways. For some ideas on how to use dates in your own cooking check out all these gluten free date recipes.

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