I’ve been decompressing the past few days from the holidays. Even though we had a low key Christmas, I think the pressure of a picture perfect holiday made me a little strung out. Our New Year’s was a few days away of fun but late nights and waking at my regular hour didn’t make it restful.  So instead I’ve taken the past few days to be extremely lazy. I’ve fallen asleep a bit too early and lounged in bed in each morning as well. In addition we’ve made some easy meals to get us back on the wagon of of healthful eating. Crockpot pork loin and some grilled chicken have put my stomach at ease.  That’s good news considering that I’d previously consumed a pound of butter, my fair share of wine, and more sugar that I’d care to admit. Though I do wish I had found these butter Christmas trees before Christmas. Wouldn’t they have looked adorable on our holiday table?

For the rest of January, I’m ready to go back to simply prepared meals.  We’re also going to delve into a few new recipes. I’d like to have several more stews and soups in my repertoire for the upcoming snowy months.  January has come in with a bang with this week’s snow, and I for one wasn’t prepared. I think I’ll have to pull out my stock pot this weekend to make a big pot of refrigerator soup. That’ll also give us a fresh start in the fridge for new vegetables and herbs. It’s the perfect New Year’s cleaning and resolution in one.

Here’s to streamlining life, cleaning up our diets (once again), and to a sunnier outlook on life for 2015. It’s going to be a great year.

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