Early Fall Recipe Roundup

Early-Fall-Recipe-Roundup Summer hasn’t officially ended but my thoughts are focused on fall.  School has started, catalogues are pushing Halloween costumes, and stores are already selling thick sweaters. I’m ready for the trees to turn and the humidity to take a hike.  I love summer clothes but I’d be ok throwing on a sweater for a chilly morning walk or an evening sitting on our screened in porch.  Besides all this, I’m craving winter squash.  I guess I’ve had my fill of zucchini for the year. We’ve certainly eaten our share of summer squash.  Raw, sautéed, fried, grilled, basically any way you can make it.  But I’m done.  I say no more zucchini at least for a bit.  An early fall recipe roundup is getting me in the mood to cook some heartier meals.  In our house, I’ll start with some spaghetti squash as that’s easy to use all year round and then I’ll delve into the kabocha, acorn, butternut, and hubbards.

I’m count the days until it’s ok to make all these chilly weather meals.  Until then, I’ll be dining on salads and grilled meat dreaming of a cool wind and a braised dish in my oven.

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