Easter Recipe Roundup

Easter Recipe Roundup #easter #recipesHere comes Peter Cotton Tail, Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail…my mother would always sing that song around Easter time.  Since Easter’s just over a week away I’m getting started on my holiday menu. We’re having a small family dinner so although my eyes might be reading some fabulous and complex recipes in reality I’ll keep the menu short and simple. I’ve borrowed a few recipes for both dinner and dessert from Passover menus. I have to admit that Passover gives gluten free diners lots of gluten free inspiration! It also allows me to find some gluten free treats in the supermarket primarily made from potato starch. It’s such a novelty to find jelly rolls or black and white cookies in a store.  They aren’t treats I’ll often but but it’s the holiday I look forward to to finding gluten free bakery goods. For either your Easter or Passover table here’s a roundup of recipes that will be sure to please a crowd.  And not to forget several delicious gluten free desserts!

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