Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger #ingredientsmatter #organicLast week on a road trip we stopped by Elevation Burger for lunch. It’s the best kept secret that they have a stand in the Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95 in Maryland.  I have to admit that I’ve fallen for Elevation Burger.  It’s not your average burger slinging joint as their organic, grass-fed, free-range beef is paired with french fries deep fried in heart healthy olive oil.  Even better, they’re an environmentally focused company making choices about how their food impacts the environment, patron’s health, and the overall taste of their products. How awesome is that?!

But let’s talk about eating there gluten free. After visiting several shops several times, I have to say that I’ve had no problems discussing my gluten free needs. I’ve always gotten a super helpful employee (which is another important company wide belief).  Their iceberg lettuce wrap is the perfect solution to containing that juicy burger topped with 6 month aged unprocessed cheddar, sautéed onions, and pickles (that’s my way). It’s also such a treat to find a burger place where I eat the french fries. There’s so many places that also fry chicken pieces or onion rings so there’s too much of a chance of cross-contamination for me to chow down on fries.  But at Elevation Burger there’s no fear of that since they only fry fries! Yay for us gluten free folk. 
Elevation Burger #bite #grassfed #glutenfree
You can’t say no to that tasty bite.  I love the flavor of grass fed beef- it’s meatier.  The aged cheddar cheese melts so well. And even though I miss a bun, the bite of the crunchy iceberg lettuce wrap makes for a great alternative. Elevation Burger & Fries #gf #grassfed #bunless #oliveoilfriesElevation Burger’s thin crisp french fries are fried in Bertolli olive oil. They were seasoned perfectly-not too much and not too little salt. I’d eat these fries any day.

There’s a few Elevation Burgers around the DC area, I say search one out the next time you have a hankering for a burger. And if by chance you pass the Maryland House Travel Plaza around lunch, pull off to grab a burger at the gas station.  It’s the best road food at a travel plaza on I-95!

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