End of Summer

End of Summer

I’m not sure how the summer has already ended.  I feel like it was just Memorial Day.  Though, now I scratch my head to wonder what we did for Memorial Day.  I think we were in the countryside visiting family.

This certainly has been the summer of family for us.  We’ve spent almost half the summer traveling with Meyer and my families. That’s not a bad thing.  We’re definitely happy to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with everyone.  It’s been great.  Nieces and Nephews are growing up.  Aunts and Uncles seem to never age.  Parents remind you why you adore them.

We’ve been to Florida, Texas, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and a few places in between.  I wish we could have hit a few more stops. Seeing some close friends would have been the cherry on top of this summer but there’s always next summer.  I’m trying not to plan that far out.  It’ll just give me agita thinking about too many future trips.

This year, Labor Day was much quieter.  My view that day, this lake, was pretty amazing.  It was a perfect decompression weekend after all the travel and frenzy that the rest of the summer brought.  No, I won’t say where I was. It’s our secret getaway.  We hope to keep it from most of the world for as long as possible. But I will say for us, it’s the perfect retreat.  I hope you all can find a special place of your own that you know is utter relaxation.  This is ours.

Our fall appears to be just as busy as the summer. But it’s going to be a great season.  I’m excited to be cooking bigger food.  Maybe not as sweet and fatty as last year but to craft some delicious meals that call out to the fall season and yet are healthy.  September is just the start.  I’m looking forward to sharing lots with all of  you.

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