Photo Journal: Fall Farmers Market bounty

Beautiful Purple Beans show the best of the Farmer's Market Last week when I popped over to our local producer only farmer’s market, I was so taken back by the beauty of all the produce that I just had to share it.  These purple beans are just outstanding.  They look almost like a fabric print more than something I should eat. I also love how each one is different.  Nature makes everything unique.  I could blow this photo up for a print on my kitchen wall or use it as a background for something. I think the fall farmer’s market bounty is just as exciting as summer.  I love the changing variety.  And almost more than the weather, I know Fall is coming from the change in vegetables available. sweet baby tomatoes at the farmer's market Virginia tomatoes have been outstanding this year. I’ve been gorging on little cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes.  We’ve eaten them every day in salads, I’ve pan roasted some with eggs in the morning, and I’ve made them into a quick sauce for over zucchini noodles.  My favorites are the mixed pints like those on the left.  I love the purple, green, and striped tomatoes. New potatoes at the farmer's market These potatoes make me want to make Pommes Anna or roast them with a bit of garlic.  But let’s not forget the italian plums and raspberries also in this photo.  I’m not sure how there’s raspberries still on bushes at this time of year but I won’t pass them up! I’d make a crumble or rustic tart with them.  That would be the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. crunchy radishes at the farmer's marketOh these radishes! I dream of the perfect gluten free baguette to eat with these French breakfast radishes, creamy butter, and sea salt.  Yum. Until then, these spicy crunchy balls will freshen my salads.   The last of the summer corn at the farmer's marketWhat a perfect sign, “the last of the corn.” Goodbye summer, the last of the corn is here.  I’ve had some amazing corn this summer. It’s been such a treat.  I realized that it didn’t even need butter and salt while eating it straight off the cob-it was delicious just on it’s own. Kale and other greens at the farmer's marketDark leafy greens are here! As we say goodbye to corn, we say hello to collards, tuscan kale, and other strong flavored greens.  I’ll ready to start braising them. lovely squash perfect for Fall. Squash! Winter squash I mean.  I’m ready for the switch. I’ve eaten just as much zucchini as I can stand.  Bring on the butternut, hubbards, acorns, and whatever else you can find.  Soups, stews, muffins, and cakes- I’m ready to make them all. Gourds are here! At the farmer's marketGourds and Indian corn always make me flash back to my childhood.  We always decorated our table in the fall with gourds.  Indian corn just meant that Halloween was coming quickly-and with it candy corn! Gingersnaps and apple cider go hand in hand with gourds. I was so appalled at the prices of pumpkins and gourds when I lived in NYC. How could they be sold for so much money?  In my hometown, they are pennies on the dollar.  I always considered buying up several pounds of gourds and hocking them on the street to New Yorkers-I really think I could have made a ton of money.

The bounty of fall farmer’s markets calls me home. My head has switched into the mode of fall. I’m ready to decorate and maybe even think about Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure I can handle Christmas just yet.  Until then I’m going to relish those leafy kales,  scarf up tons of baked goods filled with squash, and come up with other recipes to make the most out of this fall farmer’s market bounty.

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