Today with little sleep I am reminded that family is a thing you create. Blood ties give you the first few people that support you but over the years you add in other people into your family.  I have one or two friends from each stage in my life that I have blended into my idea of family. My heart is full thinking about each person, their particular talents and virtues, that make me happy to call them family.


Some family I may talk to each week and others live farther away with only weekend trips or once a year visits.   Some I’ve never even met.  That’s a facet of companionship, far away relatives that you hear so much about but haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet.


My thoughts, today, come to a head with only five hours sleep as Meyer and I went to the aid of a family member who’s house flooded from a broken pipe this week’s cold snap. Late last night we hopped in the car and were off to pitch in–taking the shop vac with us to get the water off her floors.  There was no question about help, of course we went.  She’s family. And now we’re keeping a dry floor under her and her pups’ feet while we wait out  the repairs.


I hope to see more of all my family this year and maybe to acquire one or new members!

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