Father’s Day Roundup

What do you get for all those important men in your life?  Well, I know I have a tough time choosing gifts for my father, father-in-law, and for Meyer. They are all men who don’t ask for a lot of stuff nor do they keep a running tab of things they’d like.  Note to all the men out there: please keep a list of things you’d like for gifts throughout the year. And ladies, let’s to the same! Then no one gets the unwanted vacuum cleaner or ugly shirt.   On that note, here’s a Father’s Day Roundup of the gifts that I’m pondering this year.

Fathers-day-RoundupTilley hat will keep dad cool while he’s working outside or fishing. The Modernist Cuisine at home by Nathan Myhrvold is a fascinating guide to the art and science of cooking. This book will amaze the gastronomic guy and produce some tasty food to boot!  Olive wood knife from Kauffman Mercantile is a beautiful and functional gift.  Perfect for picnics or just look slick when you pull this pocket knife out. This BBQ tool set from Williams Sonoma would be an asset to the grilling guru. Long utensils keep hands out of the fire and a nice storage case makes it easy to tuck all those tools away.

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