Favorite Mint Julep

10 yr Bulleit julep

I have to profess, I have a favorite mint julep.  It’s hard to love any other after you’ve indulged in one at the source, at The Greenbrier that is.  Theirs has been on the books since 1816.  Some say it’s the original mint julep.  I’m not going to argue that point but it is very tasty.  Saturday afternoon, Meyer and I will be sitting on the porch watching the Derby sipping on a few of these.  However, I chose to use 10 year old Bulleit bourbon in our juleps-I love this bourbon. It’s so smooth. I could sip these juleps on the porch all afternoon (and evening).  We’re having a few friends over to watch the race, grill some steaks, and maybe bake this gluten free chocolate mousse cake. Hope you have your hat picked out for the Derby tomorrow!

Favorite Mint Julep (adapted from The Greenbrier's recipe)


  • 2 oz of bourbon of choice
  • 1 oz of simple syrup (I like a ratio of 2:1 sugar to water)
  • crushed ice
  • mint
  • powdered sugar
  • Silver or metal julep cups


  1. Muddle approx 15-20 mint leaves with simple syrup
  2. Add to bottom of julep cup
  3. Add crushed ice to fill
  4. Pour in bourbon
  5. stir and add more crushed ice to fill cup
  6. garnish with a bit more mint and a dusting of powdered sugar

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