How to find inspiration

How to Find Inspiration #blogging #inspirationHow do you get inspiration for creating recipes? Some days meals just pop up in my head. That’s hunger and creativity mixing together. I get jazzed by a meat or a vegetable and everything else just falls into place.  I will caveat that I’m lucky to have a well stocked pantry. Other days it’s a lot harder. When nothing excites me, I turn to magazine or cookbooks to stir my creative juices.  Sometimes I’ll follow a recipe for just a portion of a meal or other nights I’ll make two or three different recipes to make a cohesive meal.  Usually I don’t follow the exact menu of any one cookbook or magazine-that would be boring!

I’ve just landed a few back issues of Bon Appétit Magazine. I’ll certainly be using those to inspire some new meals this winter.  I’m already drooling over a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, sizzling shrimp, and a salad of fennel, celery, and pomegranate seeds.  Those are just a few recipes that I’ll be making this winter and hopefully will inspire some of my own rifts.

I also get a lot of inspiration from meals that I eat in restaurants as well. Obviously, I’m not a professional chef so I won’t say that I recreate those meals but they do get me rifting on ingredients or how I can make a similar flavor profile at home. I’m still noodling some pickled cherry tomatoes I ate this fall and a perfectly poached egg in an acorn squash puree. Yum.

In my world good food inspires more good food. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks about cooking techniques, delicious meals, favorite ingredients, and places to try with friends.  I’ve found that many of my friends have similar thoughts about tasty food. I guess I’m very lucky to have found like minded people. I was thinking about this just a few days ago when a friend of mine exclaimed that he just ordered a pork belly from his butcher to make his own bacon (from a kit that I sent as a Christmas present). How cool is that!? I do appreciate having culinary inclined and curious friends.  I hope my creativity and passion about food inspires them as well.  In any case, I’m looking forward to an exciting and innovative year in the kitchen.

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