Fondue for two-a dry run

Meyer believes in practice makes perfect. Or practice makes blunders less likely.  So tonight we threw a fondue party for two.  IMG_2699    I have to say it went prettying swimmingly.  Although, we both might have eaten a bit too much cheese fondue.  We found at our local Whole Foods Market a packaged cheese fondue, Fondue & More.  As it was gluten free, we felt we should give it a whirl.

Fondue-packageNote to self only make one package not two when you are practicing for a party.

In my opinion, the cheese fondue was great in a pinch. The consistency was perfect but the flavor was a bit alcoholic-with none of the flavored alcohol taste you’d get from adding your own in.  I’d also rather purchase my own cheese so I know where it came from and it’s quality.  We loved the blanched broccoli and carrots, steamed potatoes, and lightly toasted bread that accompanied the cheese fondue.

Our broth fondue was a hit as well for the entree course.  Cubed beef, shrimp and calamari were lightly poached in chicken broth.  I’ll make note to season the meat, add more herbs and garlic to the broth, and we found approximately  1.5-2 mins per item was the perfect amount of time to poach.

We didn’t practice the dessert course-two fondues for two people were enough!  The chocolate fondue (and pound cake) will come later this week…

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