Have you heard about Freedible?



 Have you heard about Freedible?  Freedible is an online community for custom eaters.  I love the word “custom eater.” To quote their site: “Food restrictions may define how custom eaters eat, but they don’t define who custom eaters are!” It doesn’t define me as being ill or having issues with food, it focuses instead on the fact that I need to eat differently from the norm for whatever reason. I appreciate finding a site where those of us with food restrictions can share and chat.

Freedible is a great place to connect with other bloggers with similar food restrictions. I find it interesting to learn more about other custom eaters.  I know as a celiac I have particular needs but it’s also only one restriction as compared to others who have multiple food allergies.  I am interested in learning more about dairy free recipes, and also about the Paleo lifestyle.  I’m leaning more and more to keeping all grains out of my diet.  This is only due to listening to my body and learning how I feel without certain foods in my diet.

On Freedible’s site there’s a section that lists of events for custom eaters–both on the web and in real life. You can  find different expos to visit across the country or learn about twitter parties or other online events.

Freedible also helps with recipes.  I love finding bloggers who post gluten free and paleo recipes but sometimes it’s hard to find great bloggers on the web.  Freedible creates a central location for these recipes to be stored. What a great idea!  There’s a database of recipes searchable by all kinds of restrictions.  Bloggers can post their recipes and therefore grow the database.

It’s a great site to connect with fellow custom eaters to discuss life, travel, cooking, dining out, or whatever.  The site is easily searchable by common food restrictions to find friends.

I also love that food brands that I use have accounts on Freedible like So Delicious, Hilary’s Eat Well, Udi’s Gluten Free, and Enjoy Life Foods.  These brands also sponsor many real life expo events.  They also sponsor some of Freedible’s online twitter parties.  What’s better than sharing your story about custom eating and maybe winning some prizes?   I had a great time in a chat a few weeks ago and won an Udi’s Gluten Free prize pack.


I know I haven’t gotten all that I should out of Freedible but I look forward to exploring it even more.  I do love their twitter parties! Talking with bunch of custom eaters is great and so is winning free gluten free food!

(disclaimer: all opinions stated in this post are my own.  Neither Udi’s Gluten Free nor Freedible payed me or gave me any compensation to write this post.) 


One thought on “Have you heard about Freedible?

  1. Thank you for writing this, and helping us spread the word about freedible! We’re thrilled to have you in the freedible community and are so happy to hear that you’ve been able to connect with (and learn from) others on the site! Congratulations on your win! Udi’s has some awesome prize packs! Can’t wait to connect with you on freedible!
    Rebecca (Community Manager at Freedible)

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