Friday Crush

What’s happened to spring? I loved the days getting warmer and the light lasting longer. But somehow the end of this week isn’t holding up that end of the bargain.  I’m keeping warm in fleece hoping that next week will be some warmer temperatures.  Until then I’ll have to entertain myself with dreaming about spring.  Here’s a Friday crush list of things inspiring my spring dreaming.

Friday Crush #crush #march #spring

  1. Steve’s Ice Cream Sunday Morning flavor. Buttered maple ice cream with gluten free waffle cones pieces is drool worthy.
  2. These new Tory Burch Lettuce-ware dinner plates would brighten up a luncheon place setting.
  3.  Why not learn how to make cheese this spring? Creamery in a box gives you all the necessary tools and instructions.
  4. I know I’ll be ordering some Lagustas  Luscious English Cream Eggs for Easter. How fab that they’re made from organic ingredients.

Friday Crush #crush #march #spring

  1. I saw these cutting boards in a shop last weekend and have been thinking about them ever since. They’d be perfect for serving appetizers or snacks.
  2. Tin Star Foods Beurre Noissette brown butter keeps popping up on my radar. I think a gluten free buerre noisette pound cake with fresh berries is in order this spring!
  3. I’ve read rave reviews of Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips. They’re finally making their way into the DC market. The sweet potato chips I tried were irritable.
  4. Cambro’s food storage boxes are at the top of my kitchen wish list. I’d use them for storing veggies in the fridge, pantry staples, and brining meats.

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