Fruity Ice Cubes

ice-cubes-watermelon-drinkPlain ice cubes can be boring especially when you are having some friends over for an afternoon of cocktails or having a party.  I thought of a few ways to make drinks sparkle with some fruity ice cubes.  They are not only fun but are delicious when they melt in your drink.
ice-cubes-gingerGinger is a great addition to ice cubes. If you grate the ginger on a micro plane then you never get one big bite but are slowly infusing your drink with some spice.  I’d add this to apple inspired drinks or even a jack and ginger ale. What a kick you’d get with the added bit of ginger!
ice-cubes-mintMint is another great ice cube addition.  Make a rift on a mint julep with mint ice cubes instead of crushed ice or how about some lemonade (spiked or not) with these cubes? Delicious! ice-cubes-limeLime ice cubes would be a tasty inclusion to almost any drink.  Think Cuba Librés, Jack and Gingers, or even margaritas on the rocks. I also might add them to my sparkling water or even a friend’s diet coke.
ice-cubes-watermelonWhat a fun addition tiny watermelon ball are to these frozen drink sticks.  I used an 1/8th of a teaspoon as a makeshift melon baller.  It worked amazingly well! Now you not only have a fun icy swizzle stick but there’s juicy watermelon in your glass.  Try this with a fresh juice or a vodka drink.  For something over the top, you could infuse the watermelon with a liquor. ice-cubes-freezer Freeze the ice cube trays at least overnight to make sure your cubes are solid.
fruity-ice-cubesThese mini grapes are perfect in tiny ice cubes.  I’d add them to an aperitif or a sangria.

Whatever your drink, a fruity ice cube brightens your glass. They also create a great conversation starter at a party. Why not put out a display of an assortment of fruity ice cubes so your guests can select their favorite to add to their drink.



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