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Gift Giving #registry #wedding #whattodoI love coming up with thoughtful gifts for people. Whether it be something a friend has been eyeing but would never buy themselves or a gift that just calls out to me. I love surprising people and remembering them on special days.  I also think buying children’s clothing for all those little people in my life is so much fun. I love to see smiles on family and friend’s faces when the open a present that has obviously be thought out to be specifically for them.

Sometimes on significant occasions I get stuck on what to do. I’ve recently found for weddings that several friends are only registering for practical items these days. I know there are many needs for people and expensive or impractical gifts aren’t on the front of minds.  However, I think special occasions warrant special gifts.  So please don’t be offended if you get something not on your registry. This topic has been on my mind this week as a friend’s nuptials are coming up. While I’ve been a bit tardy in purchasing a wedding gift I’ve also been stuck on what to get them. Nothing on their practical registry appeals to me as the gift giver. So I feel stuck. Will I offend them going off registry?  Many people say never ever go off the registry. But when it makes me uncomfortable about any of the gifts they want it’s very hard to buy them.

When going off the list, I do try to consider gifts that the recipient would like. I also like to give gifts that are significant to our relationship. If we’ve bonded over wine there’s a good chance you’ll get a decanter.  If we talk endlessly about cooking then be on the look out for a fine stockpot or sharp knife. If hosting parties is your passion then some vintage silver or a leaded vase might be the perfect gift.  I want to give you something that you’ll have for years. Something that even if we’re not close friends long into the future you’ll still smile when you use it and think of me. Something that will get a ton of use even if it does seem impractical when you receive it. Those special items are the things that contain important memories. That’s what I think is so important about wedding gifts.

Some of my most favorite items are those given to us by close friends. I giggle every time I see that one charger that I thought was a serving platter-but I’ll still never forget who gave it to us! Decanters are another item that I look fondly on. Yes, we have several and all have been given to us by important people in our lives.  You can never have too many ways to pour wine. We also make memories while using these cherished gifts. I love thinking about the dinner parties we’ve hosted, holiday meals we’ve plated, and our own anniversaries that we’ve celebrated. Each time I use these special gifts I think about not only our special day but all those who celebrated with us. Those are the memories I’m looking for in giving special gifts.

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