Ginger recipe Roundup

Ginger Recipe Roundup

When I think of the scents of fall, ginger and warm spicy scents are on the top of my list.  What could possibly make me more in the mood for fall than a roundup of ginger recipes?  I’m ready to taste roasted meals, long cooked stews, and spicy sweet treats.

The farmer’s market is just bringing hubbards and other squash, gourds and indian corn are out to decorate your table, and cruciferous veggies abound.  I’m thrilled to see all this produce.  As a contrast, I sit here on my porch listening to cicadas still chirping in the trees. Don’t they know it’s September? I guess we’ll have to wait for a good frost to say good bye to them.  I’ll try to ignore them munching on some ginger cookies and cooking a squash soup on the stove.  These gingery infused treats will help me bring to reality the fall pictures in my head.

A ginger recipe roundup sounds like the perfect way for me to channel fall right now:

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