Glass ID

Glass ID Bands With visitors revolving through our house and a few cases of the sniffles, Meyer and I like to keep track of whose water glass is whose. It’s not that either of us has cooties but sometimes we can find four or five glasses left around the house. Of course there’s always the dishwasher but why use another glass each time I want a drink of water?

There’s several options on how to keep track of beverage glasses around the house-pick different glasses, leave them in different places in the kitchen, use a rubber band to color code them, etc. But why not express your inner feelings on a glass? Why not share with your friends that you’re a geek, or obsessive, or anti-social? These drinking glass bands are an easy way of keeping track of your glass in a crowd but they are also quite the ice breaker.  Meyer and I enjoy switching up our ‘feelings’ on our glasses. Somedays I’m obsessive and on others I might be a flirt.  They are definitely a conversation starter when our friends visit!  Some people don’t like to play along but we find that most are entertained by the option of selecting a feeling.

Most of these bands are sold as beer id bands but why stop at beers? We think they are perfect for keeping track of your regular old glass of water.  There’s also a slew of wine glass ids out there but for some reason I never have a problem figuring out which wine glass is mine!  We’ve found that the suction cup style id badges for glasses don’t work the best. You’ll find them popping off your glass at the most inopportune time.  So stick with the rubber band like concept or one that has a slot and tab to go around a stem. There’s many different labels-maybe drinking terms are best, feelings, “mine”, and there’s even ones with adjectives “nutty with a twist.” You won’t regret this inexpensive and fun way of keeping track of your drinking glass.

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