Gluten Free Apple Spice Cake

Apple Spice Cake

To celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday this week, I made a gluten free rift on Joy the Baker’s Spiced Apple Cake.  It was a bit of a quick decision to bake it. Yes, it was the day before her birthday but she doesn’t eat cake so why bake one? Well at the last minute, we had the rest of our family coming in town to surprise her for her birthday. How could I not have a cake for her children and grandchildren with which to sing Happy Birthday to her?  That just doesn’t seem right.  So I whipped up this gluten free apple spice cake.  However, I started it at late that evening with really no time to prep. Luckily, we have a warming drawer so softening butter and bringing eggs up to room temp were a breeze. I just turn it on low and pop everything in the heated drawer-a few minutes later it was all ready to go!

Now, I’m not the most particular baker.  I happily follow along the recipes of other more proficient bakers. Why try to recreate the wheel? Baking is such a precise science and I know I’m just not that precise in the kitchen.  This is why I love Joy the Baker’s recipes. They are easily interpreted into gluten free recipes. Now maybe, I’m not too picky about my cake crumb or too worried about hydration but I find it’s so simple to substitute gluten free Cup4Cup flour for wheat flour in her recipes. I’d say 90% of the time recipes work out wonderfully substituting this flour. Joy also makes the most wonderful cakes. I’m a bit biased to make her recipes because they are consistently delicious.

This gluten free apple spice cake was a perfect breakfast birthday cake. I served it with an easy breakfast of eggs and bacon. I do love a sweet cake or breakfast bread in the morning. I think it’s my german heritage. What’s breakfast without a sweet baked good?  This cake was certainly a delicious cake without any topping.  The raw sugar sprinkled on the top before baking gives it enough sweetness to not need any icing.  To gild the lily a little I topped a leftover piece with some whipped cream cheese. It was extra delicious with a bit of savory salty cream cheese on top.

As a side note, in our house all cakes are gluten free.  Since we keep a gluten free house it’s just understood that if I bake it, it will be gluten free. I haven’t heard any complaints yet. But really, who is going to complain about a homemade tasty birthday cake even if it is gluten free?

So next time you need to bake a cake go check out Joy the Baker’s blog. It’s where I start my research when baking a cake, even if they are gluten free cakes.

Gluten Free Apple Spice Cake

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