Gluten free casual dining


Casual dining Burger and Fries

Dining casually for a quick bite around the Washington, DC can be tricky as with any city. Some of my top spots for gluten free casual dining are chains and others are local haunts.  Some are a bit nicer than others but I’d count all as casual dining.  Sometimes a girl just needs a burger and fries even if that burger is now wrapped in lettuce.

Fries, french fries my be my Achilles heel. I never realized how much I love french fries until I couldn’t eat them on a whim.  It used to be so simple to turn down fries, but now when I CAN have them ohhh yes please! Once in a while Meyer and I will seek out a burger joint for a delicious dinner of burgers and fries. I relish these caloric dinners so much more now that they aren’t easily available.  I’ll eat steak fries,  frites, or tater tots but a burger place with crispy thin fries are my guiltiest of pleasures.

But I digress.

For me casual dining has two subcategories sit-down and fast food. Sit-down restaurants are still casual but have table service and most likely you can be in an out in an hour. Here’s some of our favorites around DC.  Mexican: Taqueria Poblano or Rosa Mexicano. American fare: Clyde’sOld Ebbitt Grill, or Wild Fire. Chinese: PF Changs.

Fast food is of course counter style ordering. It’s quick usually caloric and delicious.  However I’m loving some of the newer places in DC that put a twist on fast food.  Burgers: Five Guys (fries!) and Good Stuff Eatery (fries!). Mexican: Chipotle and District Taco. SouthEast Asian: ShopHouse (everything is GF here!). Salads: sweetgreen and Chop’t.

With all of these restaurant’s it is vital to be vocal about being gluten free. Usually you’re not going to be making a reservation so you have to make sure the server or orderer understands you needs or ask for a manager.  I know I’ve made mistakes assuming things will be ok.  But I take those as learning experiences.  Just another time to remind me to be proactive and try to educate people.  So go out there and get your burger and fries or asian food. It’s just as delicious gluten free!

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