Gluten Free Dog Treats Roundup


Do your pets eat gluten free?  Our do! You might want to consider taking your pets gluten free is after you make the switch.  Actually, our dogs and cats ate gluten free long before we did.  This is great news for me as then there’s no way for me to get crossed contaminated from the sponges or brushes in the sink when cleaning the bowls or from them licking me.  I also need to be careful of ingredients for our one pup.  He gets the itchy scratchies when he eats grains.  I’m not sure if it’s wheat or all grains but I know that if I keep them grain/gluten free he’s an itch free happy puppy.  I love giving the pups healthy treats-it makes their tails wag even more and prance around the kitchen. I can only imagine how happy they’d be if I made some homemade gluten free dog treats.

Doggie Dessert Chef has a ton of delicious sounding recipes for pups! Their coconut cinnamon sweet potato chips sound so good I just might eat them too!  Check out their Carob crunchers too.

Tasty Yummies grain free dog treats are packed with healthy ingredients like carrots and  almond flour.

 Peanut butter and banana dog treats sound like the perfect puppy snack.  Whole Food’s recipe adds in parsley for it’s breath freshening properties.

A Cozy Kitchen uses garbanzo bean flour and oats in their grain free dog treats.

Gluten free peanut butter treats from Kate’s Short and Sweets look so easy to make.

More than Paleo’s homemade grain free dog treats adds flax seeds, coconut milk, and coconut flour-they sound like tasty biscuits for me too!

Celebrate taking everyone in your house gluten free and make your pup some delicious homemade gluten free dog treats!

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