Gluten Free in Punta Cana



My only food photo from the Majestic Colonial comes in the form of the cocktail table one night before dinner.  Each night a cocktail table was set up in the main walkway to catch guests on their way to dinner. This particular night’s theme focused on Dominican rums-I enjoyed a very tasty rum punch.

After mentioning at check-in that I had special dietary requirements, I was told to speak to the concierge desk in the the Colonial Club for assistance.  At the club concierge desk I was given a slip of paper for every meal that explained my need for gluten free food.  I kept these in my wallet and gave them to the host at each meal.  Luckily for me, the hostesses and head waiters were very attentive and remembered my gluten free requirements.

Meyer and I dined at three of the eight restaurants at the Majestic Colonial. Le Gourmet, the Colonial Club’s restaurant, was open to us for breakfast and lunch while the rest of the resort could also dine their for dinner.  We found breakfast and lunch to be easy and healthy at Le Gourmet.  The attentive service made us both at ease about my need for gluten free food.  At breakfast the café con leche was wonderfully strong and the omelets were very tasty.  At dinner, the restaurant has a continental flair with traditional dishes like beef filet and fish.  I ordered a simple beef filet with no sauce, steamed vegetables, and whipped potatoes.

Tres Carabelas in the Palapa beach hut specializes in simple fish and seafood dishes at dinner.  The lobster that I ordered one night was nicely grilled.  It came with plain rice and some clarified butter as the staff was wary of serving me any sauce.  I appreciated the sentiment and enjoyed the simple food.

Supreme is the main buffet, with many types of food including italian and international cuisines.  The buffet was so enormous that I felt like I was back in college.  However, the food was decent and with careful thinking I was able to eat there without a problem.  Buffets can be a celiac’s nightmare and I for one never elect to go to one over a restaurant with servers.  However, in light of the weekend with friends and with cautious consideration of each item, I was able to navigate through dining at the buffet several times.

Meyer and I had a relaxing long weekend at the Majestic Colonial resort.  We found it a great place to bring a group of friends and family to enjoy over a range of tastes, entertainment desires, and price points.



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