Gluten Free Living Conference Orlando


Orlando flight photoMeyer and I are on a Florida adventure!  We’ve packed our tee-shirts and are quickly forgetting about chilly April days in DC. We’ve come to Orlando to attend the Gluten Free Living Conference. It’s the inaugural conference sponsored by Gluten Free Living Magazine.  This three day event includes a one day blogger workshop, two days of lectures, and a vendor expo. I can’t say which part of GFLC that I’m more excited about. I’m attending Blogger U today so I can’t wait to fill you in. I’m excited to meet so many other gluten free bloggers. I’m also eager to improve my blogging skills and learn more about the gluten free blogging world.

At the workshops on Saturday and Sunday, the speakers include keynote speak Dr. Alessio Fasano, Director of the Center for Celiac Research;  Amy Ratner, GFL’s editor, The Lagasse Girls, Jillian and Jessica Lagasse; The Savvy Celiac, Amy Leger;  and Jacqueline Mallorca, Gluten Free Living’s recipe developer and editor.  It’s a good mix of medical professionals, bloggers, and gluten free experts. I’m sure it will be a ton of information to sift though but it will be a great opportunity to hear from leading minds in the field as well as peers.

The vendor expo on Saturday and Sunday is bound to be a fun and delicious time.  I’m certainly looking forward to chatting with the sponsors like: Tito’s Vodka, Rudi’s, Glutino, Udi’s and Enjoy Life Foods. Tasting products won’t hurt either.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the expo next week.

After this exciting weekend, we’re staying in Orlando for a few days to see some family and as Meyer says “see the mouse.” Disney world is certainly worth a few posts of it’s own. I’m excited to say from all my research online reading other bloggers and also from speaking with Disney representatives that I am really looking forward to dining at Disney. We’ve made reservations for some fine dining venues and a few themed restaurants.  However, the fast service and casual dining for lunch are more curious options to me as those types of food can be more difficult to navigate being gluten free. I can’t wait to share what I find in my gluten free adventures in Orlando!

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