Grill tools roundup


Meyer and I have been grilling a lot recently.  Farm fresh veggies and simple cuts of meat are both perfect for the grill. Our reasons are really three fold, it’s quick, healthy, and showcases fresh ingredients so well.  We’ve also smoked some ribs.  Man, do I love some smoked ribs. That recipe is coming soon. We use the grill almost daily cooking during the summer. So grill tools are essential to cooking and also to not burning ourselves!  So here’s a grill tool roundup of some that I love and some that I’d love to own. Happy Friday!

A rosewood BBQ mop would be a lovely addition to any pit master’s collection.

I love that William’s Sonoma’s grill tool set comes in a metal carrying case. It makes keeping the where about of all tools easily and stores nicely in our kitchen cabinets.

I’d never burn my fingers turning food if I had a pair of these Steven Raichlen grill gloves.

Simmering BBQ sauce on the our side burner would be perfect is this cast iron saucepot.

Weber’s rib and roast rack is perfect for making a lot of ribs on your grill. We’ve bought two and find them very useful.

For smoking ribs or any kind of meat I’ll be buying wood chips from the Charcoal Store-they have an amazing range of wood!

To get the perfect temp on big pieces of meat the igrill is perfect. Not to mention not opening the grill lid.

Sur la Table’s Flip and Serve Barbecue Tray seems like an ingenious way not to run back to the kitchen in the middle of grilling. Just flip the tray insert over to have a clean place to put your grilled meat.


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