Holiday Cocktails

Holidays are a trying time. Even when you love your family dearly, staying with them in one house for a week (or even a few days) can be stressful. I’ve found afternoon cocktail hour to brighten everyone’s mood.

Simple is better in my opinion-pull out a bottle of bourbon, some soda water, and if you’re lucky a syrupy fruity concoction. I’ve been playing around with my vitamix recently.

This week I puréed tangerines and water in my Vitamix, then poured it into a pot with a rare ton of sugar. A half hour later, voila a syrup! I added a but of vinegar to counter the sweetness and help preserve it a bit longer in the fridge.

For tonight’s mixing, I added about two table spoons of syrup to an ounce of Elijha Criag bourbon, a handful of ice cubes, and a splash of water. As my mother exclaimed, Delicious!


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