Holiday Recipe Roundup

Holiday Recipe Roundup #recipes #Christmas #holidays

Holiday meals might be the bane of my existence. There’s pressure to please many generations and many different palates.  I find holiday meals to have added pressure than regular dinner parties.  Not only do you need to make a meal that your guests will enjoy but because they are your family you know all their dislikes and quirks. Then there’s always the meal of holidays past that haunt the day-what fails happened and why they were never repeated.  In my family there’s the always over-cooked turkey that I’d get caught picking tastes at while carving it.  My grandfather hated a snacking chef.  Most memorable was the year we bought a Turducken-what a bad idea.  You’ve never seen displeasure until you’ve asked an eighty-five year old northern woman to eat a turkey stuffed with duck  stuffed with a chicken with cajun seasoning and oyster cornbread stuffing. Never again.

I’m playing it safe this year. My menu planning is certainly underway but I’ve taken to finding inspiration for several of my holiday dishes from recipes across the webosphere.  Some of the following recipes might show up at Christmas or at another smaller holiday gathering this season.

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