lunch dilemmas

Bento Boxes

Lunch is the most difficult meal of the day for me. Is it for you? I find breakfast easy.  I can eat eggs every day (though I will change up how I eat them). And I’m always creative with dinner. Most nights it’s a delicious but simple meal. Once in a while it’s an hours long messy ordeal.  We don’t discuss those much.  But lunch can be really difficult for me. It was really always tricky since I don’t like sandwiches but now it’s even tricker being gluten free without the fall back of a sandwich.  Well, let’s say an easy safe sandwich out.  Most days I eat leftovers. We’re usually pretty conscious of having leftovers for at least the next day’s lunch. Sometimes it’s a salad but I get bored with salads.  I just can’t do them every day. Which is why some days I might have an apple while Meyer eats another giant salad. He could much on raw greens twice a day seven days a week and be a happy man. I need more variety.  In any case, it’s made me become a very creative cook.  My own boredom with repetitive food makes me come up with endless combinations of meals.  When dining out for lunch I’m accepted that salads are my best option. That’s probably why I look to other options for lunch when I am at home.

When traveling lunch can be an even tricker situation than the boredom of leftovers or salad.  Finding gluten free food on the go can be a bit difficult depending where we are.  Now, yes I have figure out how to deal with some fast food situations but we really don’t like to eat like that much anyway.  The bento boxes shown above are the perfect travel mates to my picky on the go lunch dilemma. The bright green Takenaka bento box has two compartments. One interior one has a plastic lid to help contain your meal. There’s also an elastic band that goes around the middle of the stacked box to help keep it all together.  I wouldn’t think of putting anything too juicy in this bento but for some veggies, fruit, and slice meat it would be perfect.  The metal container by ECOlunchbox is similar to an Indian tiffin.  It stacks like bento box but has an added smaller container that would be perfect for sauces.  I like the metal snaps on each side to securely hold all the layers together.  I can see taking either of these on a road trip and might even consider them for a plane ride with the right food inside.  I’m always on the lookout for other creative ways to take food with me.  Sometimes it’s just a ziplock baggie full of muffins or a bag of nuts.  I’m going to try to be a bit more inventive for an upcoming trip. Maybe I’ll just pull out that stainless steel box and give it a whirl for a packed breakfast for an early flight.  I’ll still dream of a Five Guys bacon and egg sandwich at the airport but I’ll be satisfied knowing my packed breakfast keeps me happy and healthy. Now if only I can remember to have time to pack it!

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