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Menu planning #parties #menus #holidaysHow do you plan for holiday meals?  I’ve been noodling over several meals that I’d like to serve this Christmas holiday for several weeks. I’ve just started to lay out my plans on paper.  That’s how I work best not on my phone or computer but actual pen to paper. Usually I lay out what days of the week I need to plan meals for (just like a regular week meal planning session). Then I break down those meals by what each will consist of and then from there I write my shopping list.  This holiday season my shopping list will probably be broken down in to maybe four different places to shop: the farmer’s market, Whole Foods, the local supermarket, and most likely Union Market.

Holiday meals are all about delegating.  Meyer has graciously signed on to make dinner for the night family gets into town. That’s great as it leaves me to focus on prepping dessert for later in the week or making soup for lunch the next day.  As yes, besides dinners for four nights I do have to think about lunches and breakfast!  I know I’m going to splurge one morning to make bacon and waffles. I might make hash brown waffles some other morning as well.  Meyer will pitch in with other meals as well and I have a great collection of family who’s always willing to clean up.

This year I’m trying out Bread Srsly from San Francisco for gluten free sourdough bread! I’m so excited for my order. Maybe we’ll make french toast! For non-gluten free family members staying with us means eating gluten free while in our house. So I do try and go a bit out of my way to make special gf things that are treats for all of us. This bread shipment is one of those treats.

I’ll also be making a gluten free dessert for Christmas dinner. I might go all out and try to make a Buche Noel like this one from Smith Bites. I’ve also seen a paleo one that I’m tempted to try.  No matter which one I do try it’ll be several days before Christmas so I can get at least one practice round in before the big day!!

So on I go with my lists for each day noting each meal and what needs to be made.  Then I can focus on when to fit in the speciality cooking and baking like dessert for Christmas.  I know my shopping list for early next week will be weighty but the more I plan the better it will be for the actual holiday.

When hosting a large holiday party Meyer and I went so far as to write out a day’s schedule planning what and when each item was made and how it all fit into our ovens.  That’s the only way we could figure out throwing a party for 17.  Five isn’t going to be nearly as precarious.  But with my trusty list I’ll have it all under control.  Here’s to planning out the holidays!  And the hope that it will all go half as smoothly as I dream.

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