Miami musings


Our recently trip to Miami didn’t go as well as I hoped.  I’m not sure if it was risking the salad on the plane down-yes probably a stupid move or something from our first dinner. I don’t want to think it was something at Joe’s Stone Crab but there’s always that wonder in the back of my head.  In any case, I didn’t feel well from the start.  Just a deep seated ache throughout my body.  An exhaustion that wasn’t sleepiness but just a need to be in bed still. Yes, it was probably gluten but I couldn’t pin point the cause.  I’m usually so much more aware. Unfortunately, the start of a trip and one to a conference is not the time to have these feelings. So as well as I could I pushed through.  Now, I have to admit I’m an 8 hour a night girl, six hours of sleep or less doesn’t work for me. The same goes for late night dining.  10pm is not my bewitching hour, it’s more my bedtime.  So maybe I’m just not cut out for Miami.  I get that some cities work better for some types of people but I didn’t think it would feel so different, so unfamiliar to me.  I usually can hit the ground running in a new city but that wasn’t the case in Miami, I was all turned around.  I didn’t feel the city as welcoming to the gluten free set. Though I’ve heard of a few hotspots having gluten free options, many restaurants I dined at looked at me with question and confusion more than understanding and adaptation.  Yes, there will always be a few poor choices for my celiac dining needs but overall I never felt safe, I never felt I could relax.  It as more of a battle and a head scratch than a conversation.  It’s too bad.

We did have a wonderful day right before leaving.  Sleeping in certainly does help me when I’m feeling under the weather. I have to admit that the massages we scheduled helped immensely. (They certainly are luxury we opt into on some trips). But this trip, the massage seemed to help pull that exhaustion and aches out of me. I was rejuvenated.  I’m wondering the use of massage to draw the toxins out of the body. It certainly worked on me that day as it was the best I felt in four days.

Our walk on Key Biscayne was lovely. We enjoyed the peace of the national park. Families seem to take over the picnic sites on weekend hosting parties and cookouts. We trekked through the park and went down to the beach.  We enjoyed combing the quiet beach before coming across the hotels and communities of the key.  The view back at Miami Beach was lovely.  Our cuban dinner that night was delicious if a bit uncertainty. Luckily, Meyer’s spanish saved the meal.  I certainly would like to pickup more spanish to facilitate my navigation through some dining experiences.


Miami, I need to regroup but I’m not done with you.  I’d like to try to get to know you better.  Give me some time and I’ll return.  Let’s hope we can reach a mutual friendship next time.


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