Monday Blues

Monday BluesDo you ever get the Monday blues? I certainly do.  Mondays seem to be so overwhelming. I might have just gotten through a wonderful weekend and then boom, reality hits on Monday.  I’ve tried over the years to counter act this phenomenon by structuring my Mondays. It’s laundry and grocery day but it’s not the day to make phone calls and plan too much else. I like to ease into the week checking off my list those things that I know can get done on a Monday.

Laundry is always sorted and put to go from lightest colors to darkest.  Though, I might throw a load of jeans in before the darkest of darks as then they can hang to dry while the rest of the laundry is tumbling away.  Laundry is a bit of a production in our house. We try to keep it organized and get it done all in one day. I’m not looking to string laundry out over the whole week. I’m just not that much of a fan.  And I always say know when you’re out skilled. My dry cleaner is my best friend.  Fine napkins and rumpled dress shirts get sent out. I’m not skilled at the art of the iron.

Groceries are another thing that has an order.  I almost always make a meal plan before making a grocery list. I’ll throw in ingredients for a soup or two along with at least five nights of dinners but I always make sure at least one or two of those meals give us leftover to eat for lunch or use as a super easy dinner. You never know when you’ll need a night out of the kitchen or have some important errand to run in the evening.

Monday is the night for an easy dinner.  I’m not looking to recreate a feast on Mondays. It’s the night to make a one pot meal.  That way there’s not too much clean up and I can put my feet in front of the fire for a few minutes to reflect on the hectic nature of my Monday.  However, Tuesday is always right around the corner for more daunting tasks.

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