New Cookbooks!

New CookbooksI’m excited to say that my Christmas gift bounty included several new cookbooks.  As I’ve said many times before I’m horrible about following directions but I do use cookbooks as inspiration for my own recipes.  I do love reading cookbooks, I like to see how others have written recipes and the stories that they tell.  Food can tell very interesting stories-about your history, what your goals are at that moment, and much about your emotions. In the same vein,  cookbooks can be a collection of short stories or tell complex story over many different recipes.  They’re not all like that as sometimes a cookbook focuses on one simple ingredient.  There’s always cookbooks on the horizon that I’d love to own. I’m also starting a collection of cookbooks on my ipad but those I’m still trying to get used to using them. How do I flag recipes or remember that they are so delicious from all stains on the pages? In any case here’s a few of the inspiring cookbooks that I’m browsing through this holiday week.

Michael Ruhleman’s Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient will inspire me to make more than just fried eggs each morning. There’s so many different ways to eat eggs; in sweet or savory recipes, simply poached, hollandaise sauce, or a custard . An egg can even be used to clarify a stock (or wine)!

The Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book: The Game Changing Guide might be the perfect cookbook for me. I kinda love meat. So though it might seem like a joke it’s perfect to give me a book with 425 bulletproof recipes for cooking meat! One of the nicest things about this cookbook is the ‘Basics’ sections that gives a run down on types of cuts of meat their uses, flavor, and best cooking methods. I can see this cookbook becoming a quick access reference for years to come.

Every Last Crumb by Brittany Angell guides readers through making delicious paleo versions of brads, cakes, cookies, and more.  I’ll have to quickly make her gingerbread scones to keep with the holiday season. Grain free bagels, chocolate croissants, biscuits, and pizza crust are just a few of the recipes I can’t wait to make.

Cooking for Friends: fresh ways to entertain with style is a creative party planning cookbook. Each chapter not only has delicious and fresh sounding recipes but several in each section are split into four options. There are four different ways to create say a chilled soup or vegetable puree or berry dessert for instance.  It’s very clever and will certainly kick me out of the rut of braised meat with a salad for every winter dinner party.

Flourless: recipes for naturally gluten free desserts also intrigued me.  Sometimes I don’t want to pull out several different flours to make a blend or use gums to make things stick together.  This cookbook relies on what I’d call simple ingredients for simple recipes to make delicious gluten free desserts.

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