New Years Cocktails

New Years CocktailsI’ve always loved New Years Eve. Even as a child, before I began to really celebrate the start of the New Year, I enjoyed watching my mother get ready for a night out with my parent’s group of friends. Red nails, a spray of perfume, and a few jewels from her dresser drawer were her signature primp.  The memory still flips my stomach. I’m not sure why it was exciting for my parents to go out maybe I’ve always loved special events.  I might not wear red nail polish when primping but I’ll certainly treat myself to a new lipstick to celebrate the New Year.  I’ll also be sure to pop a bottle of champagne and slowly sip some bubbles to cheers the long end of one year and welcome in the fresh start of the next.

In my mind New Years Eve calls for a glass of bubbles! But why not jazz up your celebratory beverage with a sparkling cocktail instead of simple Champagne?  Here’s some recommendations to indulge in a New Years cocktail or two.

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