An Ode to Jerky



Beef jerky was one of those things that I turned my nose up at as a child. We’d see these weird sticks sitting out on the counter at the butcher. How could those possible be tasty?  Over the years, I saw people devour Slim Jims but never thought to try one myself.  The thought of it gave me shivers. Now I realize those dried beef stick were probably delicious.   I still remember that deep rich smell of the local butcher shop. I bet they tasted just like the smell of that smokey meaty shop.

Oddly enough, recently I gave in.  It started with some small batch jerky I found at a food fair.  How could I resist trying a food by the Righteous Felon Food Cartel?  Well, just one taste changed my mind.  I love jerky! Don’t get me wrong, Righteous Felon makes some amazing small batch jerky. I wish I cold find it in more stores. But I love all kinds of jerky. It’s also a great high protein low fat snack.  I keep a stash of jerky sticks in my purse now days.  I do have to be careful about what jerky I buy.  A lot of them are made with soy sauce that isn’t gluten free. So always read the ingredients before popping some in your mouth!

  • Vermont Real Sticks are delicious as well. I love their perfectly portable packaging.
  • Epic Bars are a rift on jerky. It’s a 100% grass fed animal protein bar. They combine meat, dried fruit and sometimes nuts into a great nutrient dense bar. With flavors like Bison, bacon cranberry and Lamb, currant and mint how can I resist them?
  • Krave is another great gluten free jerky company.   We’ve demolished bags of their chili lime and sweet teriyaki jerky.  A little know fact, the shop in the American Pavilion at Epcot sells Krave.
  • I’m also not opposed to the giant bag of gluten free jerky sold at Costco.  I can’t say it’s grass fed beef but in a pinch it definitely satisfies my snacking.

Jerky is the perfect road trip snack.  It’s compact, shelf stable, filling, and pretty tasty.  No matter where you end up, you can guarantee having a healthy snack.  I can survive on fruit, nuts, and some jerky for several hours.  This is key now that I have to be more cautious with food while traveling.  Sure a candy bar takes the edge off hunger but jerky will keep you going for hours.


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